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Nowadays writing an estimated quotation is very easy with advanced online financial software solutions. A written quotation or estimation required when a customer wants to make a purchase.  Every online or offline business has to give its client a price list for its available products or services. Many small companies have a standardized and straightforward price quote that remains the same for every customer. Whereas other businesses provide customized prices for specific products or services as per the customer requirements. If the service or product is large or is a more complicated project, then often they are based on a detailed written document drawn up by the customer.

Understand what is an estimate quotation

A written estimate quotation is generally a document that provides approximate costs to a potential client for a project. Don’t confuse an estimate with binding. It does include terms and conditions to clarify details about payment terms and transactions. Hence, it helps to ensure that the client is fully informed, and there is no surprises store for future negotiations.

How To Write an Estimate?

In today’s time, it is crucial to know how to write an estimate quote correctly. It is a required skill if you want to keep a steady stream of customers. Firstly, thoroughly evaluate the job you want to accomplish. It allows you to give an estimate, which is non-binding, and conveys what the charges for doing a job are. A potential customer also may seek a quotation, which is binding, an exact figure of how much you’ll be priced. Unlike an estimate, a quote cannot change once accepted by the customer.

What is a quotation?

A quotation is generally a document that a seller provides to a buyer. In the material, it offers goods or services at a stated price, under specified conditions. They are known as sales quotes or sales quotations. These quotations are to inform a potential buyer to know how much goods or services will cost before they commit to any purchase. The quotations are not legally binding unless they are part of an official contract. However, if they accept a quote, it generally proves that a customer has committed to a sale, and at a specific price.

Difference between a quotation and an estimate

In modern time, not every business give standard prices for goods and services. It is mainly due to the skills, time, and materials required and vary depending on different customers’ needs. This situation mainly arises in trades such as building work or while producing custom products, as two jobs are never the same. Sometimes it’s not possible to work from a standard price list; in this case, what needed is a quotation or an estimate. Main Difference

  • a quotation is an agreed fixed price
  • an estimate is an approximate price that may change

Know more about price quotation and price estimate

A quotation is a fixed price offer and doesn’t change if accepted by the customer. One must adhere to the quotation or quote price, even if carrying out more work than expected. It is a good idea to specify in the quotation clearly what it covers and situations that may lead to additional charges. An estimate is a calculative guess at what a job may cost. To account for possible unforeseen developments, one should provide several evaluations based on various circumstances. In it, it also includes the worst-case scenario. This prevents the customer from being surprised by the sudden costs to change.

How to give a price quotation or estimate?

Before working out on a quote or estimate, one needs to know the required fixed and variable costs. These calculations include the cost-per-hour of manual labor and the value of the materials you require. Based on these criteria, then calculate the quote or estimate according to you, the job will involve. All the quotes and estimates should be in writing, including a detailed breakdown. It is equally important to state whether it is a quotation or an estimate. An expiry date is essential to mention, after which quote or estimate should no longer be valid.

When do we send quotations

As mentioned above, quotations generally sent are at the request of a customer. They want to know more about specific goods or services before they make a purchase. For this, a sales quotation sent at the earliest is always beneficial. Generally, customers often look around and request for written estimates or quotes from several businesses. In case if you send a sales quotation quickly, it will help you get ahead of other competitors. Groflex quotation tool can accurately work out the costs and can even calculate your profit margin. Quotes are not legally binding, so its best to avoid sending sales quotations that may contain mistakes. Do remember offering a  price that you can’t commit to is not a wise thing to do.

Write An Quotation

The most important question is how to write a quotation and what information to include. It’s essential to use a complete and professional quotation and estimation template. Before sending a quote, don’t forget to fill all requirements correctly to avoid confusion. Invoice templates have many legal restrictions and regulations, but in quotations, there are very few set rules that are needed to be covered. Due to readily available financial tools, writing an estimate quotation has become easy. Therefore, an illustrated quotation folder should include the information that gives potential customers a precise idea. For this reason, quick mouse clicks are helpful, rather than going through complicated downloads.

Creating a quotation through the Pre-existing Groflex template is simple and not at all time-consuming.

Step 1- Create a Login account for the Groflex website. Step 2- By clicking the ‘Start’ button on the left panel, you can see a wide variety of impressive templates. Step 3– You can opt for ‘General Template’ for a ready made quote template related to various fields. Step 4– To explore the sample offer, click on the “eye” icon below. Step 5– Pre-existing templates are easy to edit, copy, or delete. The toolbar below every template is easy to navigate.

Create your own quotation from scratch, follow the below steps

  • Click on the ‘Quotation Button’ on the left side of the panel.
  • ‘Logo Here’ button to insert the company logo.
  • Fill in all the customer-related details in the ‘Enter Customer’ option. All the details get saved in your customer database automatically.
  • Click on the Navigation bar for already prepared pages of the template> Click on ‘Pencil bar’ to the change the names on the pages > Up and Down arrow to adjust the sequence of the pages> ‘Trash Icon’ to delete unnecessary pages.
  • ‘Add Pages’ button for additional pages.
  • On the top, the ‘Block Toolbar’ gives you multiple options to change, move, delete, or insert the order and order of the blocks with simple clicks.
  • Click on the ‘Add Element’ button at the bottom of the workplace, to extend a page with an additional block element (Text, Image, Separator, and Article list).
  • ‘Article List’ button allows to enter the individual offer to line items (= article) into an item list. It is pre-installed in the Groflex quotation tool.
  • ‘Adjust Color Scheme’ to change the color scheme of the entire folder.
  • ‘Preview’ button to view selected customers and filled out a list of items.
  • ‘Save’ button to save the changes.
  • ‘Finalize Quotation’ button once the work is over.
  • ‘Quotation Folder’> Sub pages are displayed on the top bar along with two buttons.
  • ‘Send email’ or ‘Copy Quotation link’ button to send a quotation to the customer.

Additional Options

  • Once the customer accepts the offer, it will reflect on your Groflex workspace.
  • ‘Offers’> ‘Groflex Offers’ button if the order is completed or the payment is due.
  • ‘Convert to Invoice’ button for an accepted quotation.
  • ‘Reminder’ button to generate reminders for payments etc.

Other Important Information

  1. Price: The quote or quotation template should consist of the total amount as per the client’s order. It provides for the price of individual services or products. It is good to mention if price is subject to tax or not.
  2. An Expiration Date: Every quotation created should indicate how long the citation will remain valid. It allows the targeted customers to know about the time duration. They have to accept or decline the given quote during a set time period.
  3. The Company Detailed Information: A quotation template includes the full contact information of your business. The detail includes the business name, email address, address, phone number, and (if applicable) business registration number or VAT registration number.
  4. The Customer’s Details: Correct customer details information like their name, phone number, email address, etc.


In the end, with Groflex online invoicing software, allows customer to write an estimate quotations easily. They can send professional, personalized quotations as per their business requirements. Our advanced software tool quotation template, are easy to read, with a clear font and layout. You can customize or personalize the quotation format as per customer request. The user-friendly automatic quotation templates, helps in creating and sending quotes is simple and easy. In today’s time, in educated guess few small business customers prefer to keep documented records. The quotation format should fit within A4 sheet of paper, and if required, attach separate files if necessary.

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