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Multi User Live Version

Bengaluru, India, December 23th, 2020 – Accounting is an integral part of business operations. It determines the sustainability and growth of an enterprise. Today, the world is driven by technology; In an era like this, it is crucial for business owners to manage their accounting system wisely. Businesses must focus on building a more substantial accounting base, responsibly looked after by the right professionals doing the right job irrespective of the time, location, or device.

How to build a robust accounting base? Working as a team, sharing business insights allows an enterprise to grow seamlessly. Businesses must focus on collaborating between different departments, bringing both the internal team and external accountants to work together. With superior team coordination, business owners can organize accounting bases through integrated, multiple user login systems.

Does accounting software in India support a multi-user login system? Which Indian accounting software allows data access permission control? Imprezz is the pioneer of accounting software for small businesses in India. It will enable the users to restrict the data access as per the location. It is an all-in-one integrated, multi-user accounting system that allows businesses to manage, edit, or modify their accounting operations.

Imprezz Multi User Support System

Most SME’s in India employs more than one determined staff to handle the accounting tasks. It has increased the demand for multi-user accounting software for businesses. Imprezz is a cloud-based invoicing and billing software that allows at least ten different users to maintain records and business transactions. It will enable each user to modify or delete any accounting data or transactions based on their roles and responsibilities.

The administrators or business owners can control and restrict the data access permissions as per their requirements. Alongside limiting the data access, users also have the privilege to restrict access by IP location. It helps users rest assured by detecting if the data is being accessed by the determined professional from the right location. Imprezz is one of India’s robust accounting systems, enabling businesses to operate remotely, anywhere, anytime. The multi-user feature strives to support small and medium enterprises in India to expand globally in multi-location.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to make a difference in the world. Business owners and accountants can now make the best of their team members through collaborating across the departments. Imprezz multi-user accounting software enables real-time financial data sharing that helps run a business efficiently.

Always be a Leader

Imprezz, a multi-user accounting system, enables the user to lead the pack. You can provide specific control to selected individuals who want access to certain parts of your financial data. The unique role-based data-sharing model makes collaboration more comfortable, faster, and secure.

The software’s functions simplify sharing profit and loss statements, general ledger, balance sheets, and trial balance. It streamlines reports by dates, project type, and financial year. The export function enables you to download excel and PDF files in just a few clicks.

Collaboration Across Various Levels of Organization

Giving specific access to your staff, accountants, and investors to operate on different accounting modules amplifies work efficiency. Collaborating across various departments can be done quickly with the multi-user accounting system. For instance, the sales manager can easily upload, share, and track real-time invoices with accountants. Further, it helps accountants stay GST compliant with on-time tax filing and auditing. When required, you can also share access with your financial advisors to ease the process of decision making.

Simplified Ledger Sharing

You no longer need to work on simplifying the confusion concerning ledger sharing. Imprezz enables you to share ledger by providing access to your accounting team or clients. It helps avoid discrepancies caused by different departments of accounting.

Build a Team of Employees

User Roles & Privileges of Imprezz Multi-User Live Version

1.     Administrator

The enterprise administrator is the one who controls the entire software. They handle the logins, configuration of system settings, and other core technical operations concerning the software. They create different user ID’s, assign corresponding duties concerning designated professionals. Controlling the permissions enables the user to access financial data as per roles set by the administrator.

2.   Accountants

Accountants are the ones who handle the integral operations of finance. They will have access to all financial data except for the configuration settings of the software. Otherwise, they are free to access and manage other business operations on the software.

3.   Sales

Sharing business data with the sales team is vital as recording each transaction is the main agenda of using accounting software. Collaborating with the sales department helps record quotations, invoices, and other sales-related documents in real-time.

4.   Sales & Purchase

Most SMEs prefer working with limited employees. In that case, business owners can assign one user to manage both sales and purchase related entries.

Customized Roles

Imprezz allows the user to grant authorization by creating multiple user roles. You can create various roles and customize them as per the business requirements. It makes business accounting simpler and with the right accounting system in place.

Key Features of Multi-User Live-Version

You can organize and streamline all your accounting rules with team coordination by creating multiple user logins. Here are some of the critical features of the multi-user feature launch on Imprezz online billing software.

  • Simultaneous multi-user access.
  • Concurrent remote access through multiple devices.
  • You can create ten different user logins to simplify financial data sharing and operations.
  • Quick access to income books from time to time.
  • The software supports web access for businesses that operate remotely.
  • You can assign users to follow up on the different groups of customers.

About Imprezz

Imprezz is one of the leading cloud-based accounting software that has helped several small businesses in India proliferate. It helps manage GST tax filing, data reporting, reconciliation, and various other financial tasks under a single accounting platform. Users can utilize the dashboard to get insights from the overview of the total expenses, income, and key performance indicators.

Imprezz provides cloud access that allows enterprises to work remotely. The inventory management module enables supervisors to view the available stocks, create customized units, import financial data in excel or PDF format. It helps businesses link their bank accounts that allow real-time tracking of cash flow and daily transactions. The software offers a 14 days free trial software program for SME’s in India. Log in to know more!

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