Imprezz Launches tools for Tally – Hassle-Free Reporting with Online Integration

Tally Integration

Bengaluru, India, November 6th, 2020 – Imprezz accounting software, the nation-wide leader of business intelligence tools, today launched the Tally integration feature – a first of its kind online integrated accounting dashboard, uplifting freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in India. The technological advancements have made a virtual dream come true for businesses globally. Business accounting and corporate culture have witnessed a revolutionary change over the decade. It has primarily helped businesses sustain amid the on-going COVID-19 economic crisis across the world.

Despite the availability of a wide range of business intelligence software in India, businesses are hurt due to unsatisfactory accounting functionalities and solutions. Imprezz invoicing software was driven to bring about a real-time change for businesses to succeed in the long run. The software has bought in several updates in less than a month. From integrating purchase order management, improvising on import function to launching Tally integration, the software solely aims to provide intelligently integrated accounting platform for all businesses in India. It is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for all your business needs.

With Imprezz accounting software, businesses can now rid of manual bookkeeping tasks. Several business owners choose our software for their exceptional features and support system. The newly launched Tally integrations focus on enabling businesses to create and manage reports with zero hassles. Read further to know more about Tally integration on Know why Imprezz is a comprehensive solution over other ERP software. Streamline your business accounting workflow with India’s leading online accounting Platform. For any quarries, feel free to reach out to Imprezz support team. Our experts are ever ready to help you get through the hurdles of accounting.

Launching Tools For Tally

 “When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion – similarly integration of various accounting tools under a single platform can tie down business issues that are toughest of all”.

Every business operates with different goals. However, only a profitable business can sustain. Regardless of your business scale, you require an ideal business accounting software to keep track of all your transactions. Implementing a different set of business software can create chaos among you and your employees. A perfect solution is to switch to a platform that offers various accounting feature under a single database. It not only saves cost, but modernized technology is also well-organized.

Today’s automation helps business owners focus on the crucial business operation by enabling them to control accounting function in just a few clicks. Accurate finance reporting is vital for businesses to make appropriate decisions. It is where Tally plays a crucial role. But, can you handle all your accounting activities through Tally? It would be best if you had an integrated software to leverage internal data to support the processes of reporting. Integrate with most advanced and updated accounting software, Our integrated invoicing software enables you to access all your financial data to create customized accounting results concerning your business needs.

Imprezz is one of the best accounting software for MIS reports and utilities. The automation enables you to create custom reports under new formats by extracting financial data from the extensive database. Our business analytical solutions have outdone the basic ERP software in 2020. You can access financial data anytime, anywhere. Data accuracy and security is 100% guaranteed, which rids of the need to depend on externalized human labour or third-party accountants. You can create and customize accounting reports and spreadsheets with consolidated data. Let Imprezz work for you and instead save time and some extra money.

Imprezz Tools For Tally

Streamline Your Business Accounting Workflow with Imprezz Tool for Tally

Business accounting is a daunting task if done manually. The establishment of Imprezz software has helped businesses treat accounting hurdles effectively. The Imprezz Tally software has made it much easier for business to track daily transactions. Here, we have coupled some of the crucial benefits of exceptional Tally features on Imprezz.

1.      Automate Voucher Entries

In accounting terminology, a voucher is a document that contains details of each business transaction precisely. Imprezz Tally integration offers a unique voucher entry system that enables business owners to carry out various transactions in no time. The flexible accounting tool also provides customizable templates concerning individual business purposes.

2.    Interest Calculation

Various interest calculation methods make it harder for an accountant to create reports. With Imprezz, you can use multiple methods that are already allocated to each transaction. Once you have completed the calculations, a detailed report is generated automatically. These reports provide precise insights on an accurate balance amount to be received.

3.    Ledger Integration

The Tally tool on Imprezz is integrated with one of the significant accounting functions, ledger. It includes general ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger under a single ledger. On Imprezz, you will find the ledger divided into four different groups that will help facilitate account management efficiently. The consolidated ledger function supports the simultaneous creation of records while you enter data.

4.    Track Individual Bills

Tally integration has made tracking both commercial and non-commercial bills easier for accountants and business owners. You can keep track of invoices, receipts, payments, settlements and much more without any inconvenience.

5.     Accounting Codes Substitution

Imprezz integration with Tally allows you to replace accounting codes, substituting regular accounts name. It facilitates complex ledger accounting systems. You can efficiently operate on Imprezz even when you are not aware of the codes.

6.    Audit, Budgeting and Control

Auditing with Tally integration allows business owners to manage limitless budgets and periods. You can track changes and correct the errors quickly. Alongside, the security levels offered by the cloud-based software enables a robust access control.

7.     Billing Information

Tally integration allows the businesses to manage billing information from top to bottom that is yet to be received or paid. It helps allocate payments related to bills and due dates. The software also helps bifurcate good clients from bad clients using billing information.

8.    Multiple Currencies Support

Several local businesses are likely to be involved in international transactions or might plan to expand to global markets. Thus, most business transactions also include multiple currencies. We all know how often exchanges rates fluctuate. It is difficult for businesses to maintain records under such circumstances. Tally integration instead helps manage foreign currency transactions with zero hassles.

Tally Integration on Imprezz

Key Features of Tally Integration on

  • Simplicity – Tally integration on Imprezz is simple to use. The user-friendly interface allows easy operations and requires only the basics of accounting and English skills.
  • Compatibility – the integrated version of the software offers exceptional auditing and compliance compatibility to the users.
  • Remote Access – the cloud-based software enables business owners to work from anywhere. One can control and access financial data remotely.
  • Scalability – Imprezz Tally integration rids businesses from expensive instalment gadgets and operation changes. It is an ideal software for all businesses irrespective of their business styles.
  • Power – Imprezz integration allows business owners to manage multiple ventures on limitless levels classifications. It helps mobilize business operations from reporting level to transaction level.
  • Accounting without codes – with Tally integration, businesses can now create reports without any accounting codes.
  • Real-time processing – Real-time processing enables immediate posting and updating of ledgers as soon as transactions are entered. It facilitates real-time data and reporting by enabling multi-user environment.
  • Speed – Tally integration enables business owners to generate instant and accurate reports, helping management make correct and timely decisions for overall productivity and growth of the organization.

The Tally feature on Imprezz allows you to download the GST accounting data. You can export monthly invoice details in the Tally format in just a few clicks. It enables businesses to integrate all the necessary information; the site offers a GST Export option that allows you to download accounting files in Tally format for the desired accounting period. It, in turn, simplifies the process of returns filing and other accounting tasks.

Imprezz is one of the most extensively used accounting software in India. Imprezz integration with Tally is much more than just accounting. It is a perfect business management solution. It allows business owners to manage all their accounting tasks under a single platform with basic bookkeeping knowledge. Now save time with the user-friendly Tally integration on Imprezz.

Imprezz Accounting Software

About is one of the leading accounting software in India. The accounting tool has been praised for its remarkable design and features. The company strives to revolutionize the scope of business accounting automation in India. The software offers comprehensive price plans with the prime motive to support small business owners, vendors and accountants.

Imprezz is an all in one, integrated software that offers business solutions to all your needs. The GST billing software provides a wide range of accounting operations. The company aims to provide accounting services that are a combination of easy-to-use invoicing functionality and GST compliance. The mission of the company is to revolutionize business operations in India by stimulating their productivity can cashflow management.

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